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Tribal Assembly - Resolutions


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2013 Tribal Assembly Resolutions

Res #
Resolution Title


13-04 Request Central Council Staff to Provide Quarterly Resolutions and Report Card Summaries to Delegates  
13-06 Delegation of Authority and Approval for JTHCC to Act as a TDHE for the Purpose of Implementing NAHASDA
13-09 Training Law Enforcement on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault  
13-10 Expedite Services to Families in Need  
13-16 Bullying Awareness  
13-17 Recognition of Tribal Healers Doctors and Practices  
13-18 Supporting Idle No More Movement  
13-19 Request to Congress For Oversight Hearing on the Sea Mammal Act Implementation and Administration by DOI USFWS
13-20 Subsistence Initiatives and Federal Oversight Hearings  
13-21 Native Harvest of Sea Otter for Ceremonial and Religious Practices  
13-22 Cross Boundary Rivers
13-23 Chinook Bycatch Reduction
13-24 Authorization and Support for Closure of the Sitka Sound Sac Roe Fishery
13-25 Authorization and Support for the Acknowledgment of Pacific Herring as a Forage Fish by the State of Alaska
13-26 Supporting the Definition of Significantly Altered for the Purposes of Sea Otter Handicraft in the Marine Mammal Protection Act  
13-27 Opposition of the Schaft Creek Mine in Canada  
13-28 University of Alaska Honorary Degrees  
13-29 Identification of Alaska Native Students by the Seattle Public Schools  
13-30 Create Partnerships for Vocational Training and Resource Center on POW  
13-31 Increase Language Instruction  
13-32 Support Development of Tlingit, Haida & Tsimpsian Mobile Language Applications  
13-33 Culturally Responsive Teaching and Curriculum Implementation  
13-34 State Language Learning Education Standards  
13-36 Elderly Housing in Juneau, Alaska
13-38 Authorization and Direction to Seek Revisions to the VAWA of 2013  
13-40 Support of the Landless Southeast Alaska Native Communities Seeking Legislation to Form ANCSA Corporations  
13-41 Support of the Southeast Alaska Native Land Entitlement Finalization Act, Haa Aani  
13-42 Request Central Council Executive Committee to Provide Updates on Resolutions and Report to Delegates

Deferred to EC. Failed for Lack of a Motion at EC Meeting on 5/30/13.

13-43 Special Recognition of Senator Albert Kookesh  
13-44 Frankenfish
13-45 Adhering to Inherent Tribal Laws Pertaining to the Return of Artifacts under NAGPRA  
13-46 Native Guardian Ad Litem (GAL)
13-47 Support of HB 199 Allowing Village Public Safety Officers to Carry Firearms
13-48 Request for State Funded Update of Local Emergency Planning Committee
13-49 Establish a Native Affairs Department at the State Level  
13-50 Definition of Rural Community  
13-51 Demanding that Black Seaweed Not be Considered for the Commercialization in the Traditional Customary Use Ares of the Tribal Citizens of Southeast Alaska
13-52 Support Efforts to Amend the Alaska Native Veterans Allotment  
13-53 Nomination of Michelle Ridgeway as Alaskan of the Year

Deferred to EC. Tabled at EC Meeting on 5/30/13.

13-54 Seek Funding and Provide Assistance in Obtaining Covered Outdoor Basketball Court  
13-55 Medicaid Expansion



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