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Tribal Assembly - Resolutions


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2014 Tribal Assembly Resolutions

Res #
Resolution Title


14-01 Request for Startup Capital from Sealaska Corporation for Tlingit Haida Tribal Business Corporation Adopted as Amended
14-03 Tribal Assembly Committee on Governance Adopted as Amended
14-04 Amendment to Tribal LLC Code and Constitution's Definition of Territory and Jurisdiction Adopted
14-05 Designation of the Juneau Tlingit & Haida Community Council to Elect a Member to the SEARHC Board of Directors Adopted as Amended
14-06 Tribal Identification of Tlingit-Haida Regional Housing Authority and Qualification and Appointment of Board of Commissioners Adopted as Amended
14-07 Development of Publication on the History of Central Council Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska Adopted as Amended
14-08 Recognition of the Seattle Community Council as a Political Subdivision Adopted
14-09 Suicide Prevention Adopted as Amended
14-10 Request for Expansion of SEARHC Chiropractic Medical Services Adopted as Amended
14-11 Tribal Certification for Tlingit and Haida Artists Residing Outside of Alaska Adopted
14-12 Support for the Reynolds Creek Hydroelectric Project Adopted
14-13 Resolution Supporting Development of a Sea Otter Native Handicrafts Marketing Cooperative Adopted as Amended
14-14 Request to Find Funding for Subsistence Department Development Adopted as Amended
14-15 Forming the Central Council Language Department Adopted
14-16 Supporting Heritage Language and Pathways to Teaching Adopted as Amended
14-17 Supporting HB 216 - Official Languages of the State Adopted as Amended
14-18 Authorization and Support for Increased Customary and Traditional Harvest of Herring Eggs in the Sitka Area Adopted as Amended
14-19 Test Traditional and Customary Foods and Gathering Areas Adopted
14-20 Integration of Tribal Values Adopted as Amended
14-21 Support for House Bill 317 Traffic Control Devices Near Schools Adopted
14-22 Veteran Housing Development in Southeast Alaska Adopted as Amended
14-23 Support for Indian Veterans Housing Rental Assistance Demonstration Program Adopted
14-24 Seeking Community Homeless Solutions for Southern Southeast Alaska Adopted
14-26 Repeal Section 910 of VAWA as it Pertains to Alaska Native Women and Families Adopted as Amended
14-27 Changing the Twenty Dollar Bill Adopted
14-29 Negative Effects of Canadian Transboundary Mining Adopted
14-30 Request for Tribal Representation on the North Pacific Fishery Management Council and Bycatch Reduction for Halibut and Chinook Salmon Adopted
14-31 United Tribal Transboundary Mining Workgroup Adopted
14-32 Support of the Landless Southeast Alaska Tribal Courts Adopted
14-33 Special Rule Between Alaska Courts & Alaska Tribal Courts for Streamlined Recognition of Tribal Court Judgments Adopted as Amended
14-34 Amendment of Definition of Tribe in State of Alaska SB51 Article 3 & PRWORA Adopted
14-35 Request for Greater Office of Children Services Caseworker/Clerical Support on Prince of Whales Island Adopted as Amended
14-38 Funding Support for Tribal Tourism Development and Technical Assistance Adopted as Amended



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