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Tribal Assembly - Resolutions

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2016 Proposed Tribal Assembly Resolutions

Res #
Resolution Title


16-01 Address Drug Abuse Adopted
16-02 Encourage and Request SEARHC to Provide Naturopathic & Allopathic Care Adopted
16-03 Extend 100 Percent Federal Match to Urban Indian Health Programs Adopted
16-04 Direct Judiciary Committee to Recommend Constitutional Amendments to Maximize Civil & Criminal Jurisdiction and Advocate for Changes to Other Federal Laws Adopted as Amended
16-05 Support for Dedicated Tribal Set-Aside in Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) Fund Adopted
16-06 Supporting Ten Students in Schools for State Funding Adopted
16-07 Donated Subsistence / Sport Fish and Seafood in School Lunch Program Adopted
16-08 Opposition to the Proposed Enbridge Pipeline Adopted
16-09 Recommend Construction Begin on New Ferries Adopted
16-10 Support Alaska State Legislature Resolution to Address State-Wide Issue of ACE Adopted
16-11 Establishment of Angoon Fire Fighting Crew Adopted
16-12 Assistance in Securing Log for Canoe Adopted
16-13 In Support of Sobermiut, Reviving Our Spirit, an Alaska Native 501( c)3 Non-Profit Organization Adopted
16-14 Encourage EPA to Utilize its Administrative Authority to Update Alaska's Human Health Criteria Adopted
16-15 Alcohol and Drug Use During Tribe's Activities and Functions Tabled
16-16 Enactment of Tribal Codes Tabled
16-17 Entity Over-Reach, Taking Back Control Deferred to Executive Council
16-18 Judicial Code of Conduct Adopted as Amended
16-19 In Support of Changing the Definition of Blood Quantum in the Marine Mammal Regulations to Descendancy Adopted as Amended
16-20 Establishing a Southeast Alaska Native Education Coalition Adopted as Amended
16-21 Southeast Alaska Native Youth Summit Adopted as Amended
16-22 Request State Cap of Sitka Sound Sac Roe Fishery Harvest Rate at 10% Adopted
16-23 Restoring AMHS Service to Communities Served Adopted as Amended
16-24 Stop the Raid of the State of Alaska PFD Deferred to Executive Council
16-25 Support for the Unrecognized Southeast Alaska Native Communities Recognition and Compensation Act Adopted as Amended
16-26 Build Long Term Care / Assisted Living Facility on Prince of Wales Island Adopted as Amended
16-27 Control and Elimination of Tobacco in Work Place and Enclosed Public Places Adopted
16-28 Tribal Foster Home Certifications and Placement Adopted as Amended
16-29 THRHA Proposed Pellet Furnace Project Deferred to Executive Council
16-30 Housing Assistance for Re-Entry Adopted
16-31 The Homeless Warrior Adopted as Amended
16-32 Native American Veteran Memorial Wall Adopted as Amended



For more information on Tribal Assembly resolutions, please contact the Office of the President:

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