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Tribal Assembly - Resolutions

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2017 Proposed Tribal Assembly Resolutions

Res #
Resolution Title


17-01 Herring Harvest Quotas / Guidelines Harvest Levels for Southeast Alaska Adopted
17-02 Addition of Elizabeth Wanamaker Peratrovich's Name to the Civil Rights Walk of Fame at the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site in Atlanta, Georgia Adopted
17-03 Opposition to HR 232 Transfer of Public Lands in State Forest Adopted
17-04 For the Protection of Vital International Rivers from Transboundary Mining Adopted
17-05 Encouraging Support for Alyssa London, Miss Alaska USA Adopted
17-06 Enactment, Revision or Repeal of Tribal Codes Adopted as Amended
17-07 Proposal for Separation of Powers Adopted as Amended
17-08 Rescission of the Notice Deadline Requirement First Implemented During the 81st Tribal Assembly Election Process Failed
17-09 Legal Review of Political Subdivision Status of Community Councils Failed
17-10 Approval of the Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program (ANSEP) School to be Housed in Wrangell, Alaska Adopted as Amended
17-11 Discontinue the Tribe's Relationship with Wells Fargo Bank Adopted as Amended
17-12 Develop Culturally Appropriate Guidelines for Repatriation Referred to Judiciary Committee
17-13 Tribal Member Public Service Endorsement Failed
17-14 Waters Closed to Sac Roe Herring Fishing within Southeast Alaska Adopted
17-15 Exclusion of Commercial Sac Roe Herring Fishing within a Defined Core Spawning and Subsistence Area Adopted
17-16 Support for Closure of Certain King Salmon Fisheries to Restore Stock Adopted as Amended
Late Submission Reinstate Culture Committee as a Standing Committee Referred to Executive Council
Late Submission Cultural Importance of Repatriation Being Handled Correctly and in a Timely Manner Withdrawn by Haines T&H Community Council
Late Submission Opposition to the Commercialization of Black Seaweed in the Customary Use Areas of the Tribal Members of Southeast Alaska Referred to Executive Council
Late Submission Request to Change Opening Day for Goat Hunting Season Referred to Executive Council
Late Submission Creation of a Blue-Ribbon Committee for Title IV-D and E Services to Washington Chapter Referred to Executive Council
Late Submission Support for the Establishment of Accurate Fish Consumption Rate Referred to Executive Council
Late Submission Ratification of Fund Transfers Referred to Executive Council



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