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Executive Council - Resolutions

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2015 Resolutions

Revitalization Development Grant for Non Service Area Tlingit and Haida Political Subdivisions
15-02 Refinancing Loan for the Hope Building
15-03 Authorization to Apply for Community Research Grant through Recovering Voices
15-04 Authorization to Obtain Start Up Funds for Central Council Logo Wear
15-05 Authorizing Application for Sustainable Employment and Economic Development Strategies (SEEDS)
15-06 Authority to Apply for Funding from U.S. Department of Justice
15-07 Authorization to Apply for Native American Language Preservation Grant
15-08 Administration for Native Americans Environmental Regulatory Enhancement
15-09 Authorization to Apply for NAGPRA Funds
15-10 Authorization to Submit a Six Month Renewal of the TANF Family Assistance Plan
15-11 Authorized Signers for Tribal Secretary
(Not Adopted)
Authorization to Submit a Request for the Addition of Routes to TTP Inventory

(Not Adopted)

Authorization to Update Long Range Transportation Plan
15-14 Support of Medicaid Expansion in Alaska
15-16 Authorization of the Submission of a Fee-to-Trust Application (Block 4, Lot 6)
15-18 Family Violence Prevention and Services Act Grant (FVPS)
15-19 Application for a Rural Child Welfare Services Grant
15-20 Supporting the Sitka Tribe of Alaska’s proposal to the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), Tribal Cooperative Landscape Conservation Program
15-21 Southeast Alaska Native TANF/ICW Case Management
Phase III Initiative
15-22 Support For Continued Funding of the State of Alaska’s Renewable Energy Fund
15-23 Authorizing Alaska Legal Services Corporation and DNA- People’s Legal Services Inc. to Pursue Americorps Funds on behalf of Central Council
15-24 Authorization to Participate in the U.S. Dept. of Justice, National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Violence Against Women (VAIW) National Baseline Study
15-25 Juneau School District
15-26 Authorization to Apply for Village Public Safety Officer Program Funding
15-27 Authorization to Submit a Grant Proposal to U.S. Dept. of Education (USDOE), Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) for TVR
15-28 Authority to Apply for FY15 State Head Start Grant
15-30 Express Authorization of Limited Waiver of Sovereign Immunity Required for the SBA 8(a) Program Eligibility of T&H Services LLC, a Limited Liability Company Wholly-Owned and Controlled by THTBC

Boycott of FedEx Services Due to Association with Washington Redskins

15-32 Sociological Initiatives Foundation
15-33 Authorization to Apply for FY2016/17 Community Service Block Grant
15-34 Authorization to Adopt 2015 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) Update
15-35 Authorization to Request the Bureau of Indian Affairs to Add Routes to the Tribal Transportation Program Inventory System
15-36 Authorization to Submit a Three Year P.L. 102-477 Plan
15-37 Economic Development Committee Appointments
15-38 Authority to Submit a Proposal to the Bureau of Indian Affairs Water Resource Management Planning / Pre-Development Program
15-39 Authority to Apply for Federal Head Start Program ContinuationG rant FY 2016
15-40 Wells Fargo Bank Financing Termination of Interest Rate Swap
15-41 Authorized Signers for Official Tribal Documents
15-42 ICDBG - Housing First Support for the Homeless Public Facility Project
15-43 Confirmation of Citizen Participation for Housing First
15-46 Acknowledging its Strong Commitment to Equity and Equal Access, and Supports Legislative funding for AKLN
15-47 Comrehensive ED Strategy Grant for FY16 Continuation
15-48 Merger of Plans and Restatement of 401 (K) Plan


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