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88th Annual Tribal Assembly

Sovereignty: In Land We Trust

Lingít Translation: Yá tlʼátk aa atuwahéen
Xaad Kíl Translation: Dagwiiyáas Yahgwdáng: Tlag Aa T’aláng Yahdáa

April 19-21, 2023 • Elizabeth Peratrovich Hall Juneau, Alaska

Webcast Live / Agenda / Agenda-at-a-Glance / Press Release / Video Recordings

Event Summary

Tribal Host: Willard Jackson Sr. (Ketchikan, AK)
Tribal Hostess: Della Colburn (Kasaan, AK)
Keynote Address: Phil Baker-Shenk (Washington D.C.)
Large & Small Community Council of the Year Awards:

Large Community Council of the Year: Seattle

Small Community Council of the Year: Wrangell

Committee Membership:

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Aurora Lehr, Elected Associate Justice

Cindy Pederson, Elected Delegate/Citizen of the Year

• Lauryn Framke, Elected Emerging Leader

Proposed Amendments to Governing Documents:

Standing Rules of Order

Rules of Election


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Committee Reports:

• Enrollment Committee Report
• Judiciary
Committee Report

• Audit Committee Report / Audit Approval
• Finance Committee Report / Budget Approvals

Administrative & Other Reports:

• State of the Tribe Address
• Chief Operating Officer's Report
• Chief Financial Officer's Report
• Chief Development Officer's Report

• Community & Behavioral Services Report

• Tribal Court Report
• Emerging Leader


U.S. Senators

• U.S. Representative

• City & Borough of Juneau Mayor

• ANB Grand Camp President

• ANS Grand Camp President

• Juneau Tlingit & Haida Community Council President

Other Reports:

Sealaska Report

• SEARHC Report

USFS Region 10 Report

• THRHA Report

• Southeast Alaska Landless Corporation Report
• THTBC / KIRA Report


If you have questions regarding Tribal Assembly, please email the Tribal Assembly Coordinator at tribalassembly@ccthita-nsn.gov.