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Tribal Assembly

The Delegates of the Tribal Assembly shall regularly assemble each year commencing on the third Thursday in April except in each year that delegate elections are held, the Tribal Assembly will commence on the third Wednesday of April; in each year that the Easter weekend falls upon the third Thursday in April, the Tribal Assembly will commence on the second Thursday of April, and unless for a particular year Tlingit & Haida shall designate another day for the Commencement of the Tribal Assembly.

The Tribal Assembly shall be held in Juneau each year that Delegate elections are held and may be held in another Community in a non-election year upon invitation by that other Community through resolution at the preceding election year Tribal Assembly.

Special assemblies of the Tribal Assembly may be called by the President, or by the Executive Council, or by notice supported by not less than one-fourth of the delegates. Calls and notices for a special assembly shall set forth the purpose for such assembly but at such special assembly Tlingit & Haida may transact any other business or take any other actions within its powers.