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Tribal Assembly - Resolutions

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2024 Tribal Assembly Resolutions

Res #
Resolution Title


24-02 Tlingit & Haida Cultural Ambassador Adopted
24-03 Support for a Permanent Increase in the State of Alaska Base Student Allocation for Public Schools Adopted
24-04 Not In Order  
24-05 Expansion of Tribal Foster Care Licensing Adopted
24-06 Protecting Our Cultural and Community Access to Fish Adopted
24-07 Call for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to Implement an Urban Confer Policy Across the Department and its Divisions Adopted
24-08 Reduce Consent Requirement on Individual Native Allotment Leases Adopted
24-09 Expanding Medicaid for Our Future Adopted
24-10 Support Non-Discrimination in Student Sports Adopted
24-11 Not In Order  
24-12 Prioritization of the Fentanyl Crisis Adopted
24-13 Call for Indian Health Service, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, or Washington State to Determine a Credentialing Process for Traditional Practitioners Adopted
24-14 Not In Order  
24-15 Support Applying for Housing Expansion and Revitalization Adopted
24-16 Opposition to Outstanding National Resource Water Politicalization in HB 95 and SB 72 Adopted
24-17 Improvements to the Definition of Pelagic Gear to Prohibit Bottom Trawling by the Pollock Industry Adopted
24-18 Development of the Rights of Tlingit & Haida Indigenous Rivers, Herring and Salmon Adopted
24-19 Requesting Portland Be Designated as a Community Adopted
24-20 Not In Order  
24-21 Not In Order  


For more information on Tribal Assembly resolutions, please contact the Office of the President: Toll Free: 800.344.1432 ext. 7142 | Local: 907.463.7142