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Executive Council

The Executive Council is charged with enhancing the governance and providing oversight of the performance of program and business activities of the Tribe. Members of the Executive Council are responsible to the Delegates in Tribal Assembly and to its tribal citizens for overseeing Tlingit & Haida management so as to hold them accountable for the pursuit of the Tribe’s mission.

When the Tribal Assembly is not in session, the Executive Council, whether assembled or not, shall possess all of the powers of Tlingit & Haida and shall be able to do all things and take all actions which the Tribal Assembly could without limitation, except that the Executive Council shall not have the power to take any action which would constitute a repudiation or negation of specific action taken by the Tribal Assembly at its last assembly nor to exercise the powers of the Tribal Assembly under Article XIII.

The Executive Council shall act by affirmative majority vote of its members. A quorum shall consist of a majority of those holding the office of Executive Council and no business shall be transacted unless a quorum is present. All assemblies shall be conducted in conformance with this Constitution, Standing Rules of Order adopted by Tlingit & Haida, and Robert’s Rules of Order. Any conflict among the preceding authorities shall be resolved in the order of precedence set forth in the preceding sentence. The President may vote only to break a tie or when it is clear the vote of the President will affect the outcome of the issue.

The Executive Council shall take reasonable steps to hold its meetings in several of the communities entitled to elect Delegates to Tlingit & Haida.

Central Council of Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska 2022-2024 Executive Council Representation