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Economic Development

The Economic Development program enhances community planning efforts on economic development projects in Southeast Alaska through the development of the Tribal Community Economic Development Strategy (Tribal CEDS) plan and by partnering with local, state and federal agencies. The Tribal CEDS identifies the economic conditions and needs of the region and is a tool to initiate and sustain local planning and development efforts. The plan is updated every five years and developed with input from tribes, tribal entities, tribal citizens, Alaska Native corporations and small business owners.

The preparation of this CEDS is a joint project of Southeast Conference (SEC) and Tlingit & Haida with special assistance from Juneau Economic Development Council.

The Economic Development program also supports tribal artisans through the Certified Tribal Artist (CTA) program and by partnering to host community events throughout the year. The CTA program promotes Alaska Native-made arts and handicrafts through certifying tribally-enrolled artists.

For more information, please contact Business & Economic Development:
Toll Free: 1.800.344.1432 ext. 7139 | Direct: 907.463.7139 | Fax: 888.322.6407