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The Forestry program provides professional forest management services to Native allotment owners in Southeast Alaska. Services include timber sales, reforestation of previously harvested allotments, timber trespass investigations, tree thinning, and fire preparedness.

Forest Resource Analysis Project

In order to properly manage Native Allotment properties in the Southeast Alaska Management Unit, we have to know what these properties look like, the forest resources on the land, and how to access the property. The last inventory of the forest resources on SE Native Allotments was done in 1983-84 by Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) staff foresters. At that time there were only 6,369 acres of Native Allotments that were in either Approved or Certified status by the Bureau of Land Management (regulating agency). Today there are more than 12,000 acres of allotments (more allotments being adjudicated) in Approved or Certified status.

Management responsibility for a majority (the BIA still manages allotments in several communities) of these allotments has been transferred from the BIA to the Forestry program here at Central Council. Since there are almost twice the acres of Native Allotments now, and a new agency is charged with land management, it was necessary to conduct a new inventory of these allotments. The Forestry program submitted a proposal for and received funding to perform an inventory in the fall of 1999. The inventory field work was performed in 2000 and that information was compiled into a report. The report is titled Native Allotment Forest Resource Analysis for the SE Alaska Management Unit and was completed in 2002.

For eligibility requirements, please review the Forestry section in Tlingit & Haida's Program Profiles booklet. The booklet may be accessed by clicking here.

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