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Higher Education

The Higher Education program promotes and fosters higher education among eligible enrolled tribal citizens by providing financial aid, education information, guidance, academic planning, counseling, and assistance to those attending accredited college or university institutions.

Scholarship Programs

Higher Education is pleased to provide financial aid to tribally enrolled citizens through the following scholarship programs:

  • The College Student Assistance (CSA) program provides financial aid to tribally enrolled citizens within the compact service area who are attending, or plan to attend, an accredited college or university in the pursuit of education degree programs, specifically post-secondary education.
  • The Alumni Scholarship Assistance Program (ASAP) provides annual scholarship awards to all tribally enrolled citizens who apply regardless of service area, community affiliation, origination, residence, tribal compact, or signatory status. Award levels are based on annual fundraising activities such as memorial donations, private donations, vendor/associate solicitations, and fundraisers.

Recognizing that Higher Education funding is supplemental in nature. Tribal citizens are expected and encouraged to take advantage of institution sponsored financial aid programs and other scholarship and grant opportunities.

CSA Application Filing

To be considered for a CSA scholarship award, a completed application must be received. A completed application includes:

  • Most recent official high school transcript, GED scores, or college transcripts, indicating an overall 2.0 GPA or better (on a four point scale);
  • Tribal Family of Origin form or completed enrollment verification form;
  • Copy of your Letter of Admission/Acceptance (LOA) from the college/university attending; and
  • Any other documentation/verification as requested.

ASAP Application Filing

The ASAP application period runs July 1 through September 15. To be considered for an ASAP scholarship award, a completed application must be received. A completed application includes:

  • Cover letter indicating financial need; list of academic, professional and/or personal activities; and statement of personal goals.
  • Most recent official transcripts (high school or college) or GED scores, indicating a cumulative 2.50 GPA for high school students and undergraduates and 3.50 for graduates.
  • Copy of LOA that verifies full-time enrollment and your declared degree program. Minimum credit enrollment requirements are twelve (12) for undergraduates, and nine (9) for graduates and above.

Application Deadlines

  • The ASAP application must be received by September 15 annually. Applications received after September 15 will not be accepted—no exceptions.
  • The CSA application is accepted year-round, there is no deadline.

CSA Award Process

Applications are processed based on points (noted below), date applicant’s file is deemed complete, and ability to show unmet financial need. Applicants compiling the most points will receive the highest consideration for funding. An accumulation of 0-50 points is applied based on the following criteria:

  • 30 points for applicants currently residing in a Tlingit & Haida compact service area;
  • 15 points for applicant graduating from a high school or having earned their GED within a Tlingit & Haida compact service area; and
  • 5 points for applicant who can trace their family origin to a Tlingit & Haida compact service area.

For eligibility requirements, please review the Higher Education section in Tlingit & Haida's Program Profiles booklet. The booklet may be accessed by clicking here.

For more information, please contact Higher Education:
Toll Free: 1.800.344.1432 ext. 7329 | Local: 907.463.7329 & 907.463.7145 | Fax: 888.965.9102