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To respectfully nurture families and their children to grow, participate in life with confidence and awareness, and use their strengths to reach their full potential.

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Head Start

Head Start is a nationwide, federally funded program whose purpose is to promote school readiness by enhancing the social, physical, and cognitive development of children. Head Start is provided at no cost to eligible families and accepts children ages three years old to five years old.

Tlingit & Haida Head Start offers center-based classrooms in the following communities:

School begins in late August or early September and closes mid-May for the summer months.

Our programs promote school readiness of children ages three to five by supporting the development of the whole child. We believe in the support of children’s growth and development in a positive learning environment through a variety of services, which include early learning, health, and family well-being through opportunities such as:

  • Frequent medical screenings, immunizations and dental services
  • Healthy nutritional assistance (including free meals & toothbrushing)
  • Referral services for a range of individual child and family needs
  • Opportunities for parents to participate in school decision making
  • Toilet Training (including free pull-ups on site)

Head Start builds relationships with families that support:

  • Family well-being and positive parent-child relationships;
  • Families and learners and lifelong educators;
  • Family engagement in transitions;
  • Family connections to peers and community; and
  • Families as advocates and leaders.

Parents who have children with diagnosed or suspected disabilities or developmental delays are encouraged to apply. Disabilities or developmental delays may include, but are not restricted to: speech, health, social, emotional, visual, hearing and/or physical impairments.

Please review the Head Start section under Education & Youth Services in Tlingit & Haida's Program Profiles booklet for the application process and eligibility requirements. The booklet may be accessed by clicking here.

For more information, please contact Tlingit Haida Head Start:
Toll Free: 1.800.344.1432 ext. 7127 | Local: 907.463.7127 | Fax: 877.389.7796